Teaching Awards 2022

Welcome to the Teaching Awards 2022! We want to hear from you about the staff members who have gone above and beyond to make sure you are still getting an exceptional education. Whether it’s a lecturer who inspires and engages you through their innovative approach to teaching, a lab technician or teaching administrator who helps to make your time at Exeter great, a staff member whose guidance and concern for your welfare has been exceptional, or anyone who has gone the extra mile to help you reach your full potential, we want to hear from you! Nominations are open to all students at the University, Students' Guild and Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union in Cornwall.

staff member

What we're looking for in nominations:

Activity for the nomination – that something was actively done by the member of staff

  • A different or innovative approach, set out in some detail
  • Setting up external connections with obvious effort
  • Obvious care and effort or attention to detail

Outcome for the student – that something was felt or experienced by you

  • Better grades than your average attainment
  •  “not dropping out” or some other positive impact which made your time better
  • “looked forward to 8:30am lectures instead of dreading them”