Moving out soon? We’ve got you covered with our guide!

As we come to the end of the academic year, it’s time to look around your room in dismay at everything you’ve managed to accumulate! Don’t stress though – with our guide packing up and moving out will be an easy process.


1.      Get organised!

Packing everything up can feel overwhelming so if you can, try and start earlier rather than later by sorting through any unwanted items, or pack up a bit each day instead of all in one go. And don’t forget to leave enough time after packing for cleaning.

2.      Donate/re-gift anything you aren’t taking with you.

Better for the planet and for your bank balance, you can donate gift or sell your unwanted items. You can try Facebook Marketplace for selling items quickly.

Food donations:

You can donate items including sealed packed foods, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, table sauces, pastry, unopened pasteurised milk and yoghurt, unopened fruit juices, salads and eggs to the Community Fridge at the Library.

Charity donations:

British Heart Foundation, Hospiscare and In Focus are all nearby charities which accept donations –they each have a list of items you can donate on their website.


The University is running a scheme where you can donate items for future Exeter students to reuse! This scheme is open to all students, with donation points in University accommodation – see where you can donate items.


3.      Waste and Glass Collections:

Students on the Move - arrange extra waste collections by picking up a green envelope with stickers from Student Hubs (private accommodation only)

Your Community Wardens will be available to collect glass for recycling from your address – read more about how to book a collection slot!


4.      Need to store items over the summer?

If you are needing to store your stuff over the summer, there are a number of self-storage companies in Exeter that can look after your stuff. Some will even help pack and deliver it again on your return to Exeter.

·        Dainton Self Storage

·        Edward Baden Student Service

·        HouseIt

·        Our Spare Room Student Storage

·        Safe Store

·        Student Storage Box

·        Stuff 2 Move

·        Westcountry Storage Solutions

Disclaimer: this information is for reference only; these companies are in no way affiliated to the University or Students Guild. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for the quality of service they provide.


5.      Cleaning up at the end of your tenancy.

You do not have to pay to have your accommodation professionally cleaned - yourself, a scrub mummy and some cif will do the job! Landlords/ estate agents cannot request that you do this (even if they snuck it into your contract, it is not legal to request).

You do, however need to return the property in the same condition as you found it –so if you have damaged any items it might be more cost effective to replace them, or this could come out of your deposit.

If there are a number of you living together, it might be worth pooling funds for a professional cleaner if you prefer.


6.      Don’t forget outside spaces!

Cleaning and tidying should include any outdoor spaces, so make sure any gardens/yards/balconies are tidy and rubbish free.


7.      Take photos when you leave.

Be sure to take photos of all rooms and spaces before you leave, just in case there are any disputes on the condition.


8.      Take final meter readings.

This is an important one! Make sure you take final meter readings for your gas/electric/water or you could pay for more than you used. Also phone any energy companies to tell them you have moved and the date you did this. Don’t forget about your broadband contracts too.


9.      Cancel subscriptions.

Every year on Overheard we see Hello Fresh boxes up for grabs, when people have forgotten to cancel or change their address. Don’t be that person! Make sure you cancel, pause or update addresses on your subscriptions.


10.  Change your address.

Similar to the above point, don’t forget to change your address if you regularly order stuff online – you don’t want your latest Amazon order turning up in Exeter when you’re miles away.


11.  Getting your deposit back

If you’ve left your property in the same condition as you’ve found it, there should be no reason why you won’t get your deposit back. Landlords must place your deposit into a deposit protection scheme. If you have any queries or you’re in a dispute about getting your deposit back, contact our Advice team for guidance.


We hope your move goes smoothly, and you’ve got fond memories of your year in Exeter!





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